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About the project:

Georgia, like the rest of the world, is fighting every day against the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Both the government and private sector are actively involved in the ongoing processes. Along with friends, we decided to create a platform which would bring together individuals aspiring to address challenges caused by the COVID-19 crisis in our country. Historically, in Georgia, civil engagement and community response in times of crisis have played an important role. Today more than ever, the Coronavirus pandemic has shown the need for solidarity and mutual support. We will win only if we come together and being together in trying times is what we know the best. Anyone can join us and become a volunteer by simply completing a registration form on our website. Volunteers do not take part in any healthcare activities, but instead are involved in providing food, medication and other essentials to vulnerable communities in Georgia.


By completing the registration form on our website you will join our list of volunteers.


Regional allocation of registered volunteers is based on the need for support across the country.


We will get in touch with the registered volunteers and send them the detailed activity guidelines.

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